SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE ESPELEOLOGIA - Espeleologia Organizada em Portugal 
1948 - 2023
75 Years of Organized Speleology in Portual
The Portuguese Speleological Society (SPE) is the pioneer of organized Speleology in Portugal since 1948, and conducts explorations and studies of caves throughout the country. The Portuguese Speleological Society embraces the largest number of specialists in Speleology in Portugal and attempts to divulge its action to the public by keeping it informed and at the same time to find new vocations. The structure of The Portuguese Speleological Society is based upon Delegations, which are represented in the National Directorate and in the National Congress. Small groups of members may also form Nucleus.

The competence of The Portuguese Speleological Society is nationally and internationally recognized, and therefore it is often requested by public and private entities to conduct studies or provide specialized advice on their areas of action. The pioneering work of The Portuguese Speleological Society on inventories, characterization and distribution of surface and underground karstic phenomena was the basis for the creation of the Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park.

Bureau of the National Congress
President: António Sobreira
Secretary: Luís Miguel Lopes
Secretary: João Firmino

National Directorate:
Chairman: Cristina Lopes
Vice President: Ricardo Constantino
Secretary: Ilda Calçada
Secretary: Henrique Rézio
Assessor: Vítor Leal
Assessor: Simão Gonçalves
Treasurer: Fernando Oliveira
Representatives of Delegations

Fiscal Council:
President: Paulo Caetano da Noiva
Secretary: Ricardo Nogueira
Rapporteur: João Henriques

Delegation of Lisbon
Bairro da Liberdade, Rua C, Lote 11, Loja 16
1070-165 Lisboa
President: José Bento Alves

Delegation of Minde
Largo Justino Guedes, 36
Minde 2395
President: Luis Miguel Lopes