SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE ESPELEOLOGIA - Espeleologia Organizada em Portugal 
1948 - 2023
75 Years of Organized Speleology in Portual

Grutas de Mira de Aire 1947-2017

 70 years of speleological explorations in a photographic exhibition

7 Decades of discovery and disclosure
The Sociedade Portuguesa de Espeleologia - SPE founding members, among which were included several locals from Mira de Aire, and many other initial enthusiasts of Mira de Aire, and later their followers, who contributed decisively to the revelation of the Caves of Mira de Aire as the biggest tourist underground phenomena in Portugal. This 70-year-old collaboration is still alive, thanks to the foresight and sense of mission of Grutas de Mira de Aire, S.A. company administrators and the determination and personal commitment of the speleologists and directors of the SPE.

Authors: J. A. Crispim & P. Marote
Year: 2017
Edition: Sociedade Portuguesa de Espeleologia, with the support of the Mira de Aire Caves
Format: 15 cm x 21 cm (64 pages, 45 photographs, 1 topography)
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French
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Price: 5 euros